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ROOTY - Family Team

Jitka, Czech Republic

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We bought the Rooty almost six months ago. After it arrived, our initial fears and insecurities of how it would look, and whether or not we hadn’t perhaps bought a white elephant and got sucked into some advertising trick that focused on “the most valuable thing”, our health, soon disappeared. I have to admit, we all fell immediately in love with the rug here at home. At first we were so enthusiastic that we had it in front of the TV and we stepped on it while we watched TV. The kids also spent lots of time on the rug…

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Kate, Happy Little Soles (UK)

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We received a lovely blue Elephant Rooty Rug to try out earlier this summer to the great excitement of my little girl.  As a committed barefoot family and a yoga practitioner I am always keen to try anything that helps with our foot health. The Rooty aims to keep feet active and to bring the positive aspects of walking on natural, uneven surfaces into the home. Walking across the rug forces the feet to exercise in a subtle and random way and is a fun way to build muscle strength.  It is particularly helpful where children suffer from weakened foot…

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Dr. Christian Larsen – leader in modern physiotherapy tests our RootyRUG

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Friday September 23 was a turning point for us and was a tremendous motivation for our work. We had the luck of a short encounter with Dr. Christian Larsen, a respected leader in modern physiotherapy. If you haven’t heard of Dr. Larsen, allow us a few words of introduction. Christian Larsen is a Swiss doctor and scientist, and the co-founder of Spiraldynamik, the concept of 3-dimensional, clear, and systematic “anatomically correct movement”. He has written several books, e.g. well-known book is “Healthy feet for your child”. (German issue: Gesunde Füße für Ihr Kind) We spoke about human feet and the…

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Our kids received the rug with enthusiasm. As soon as I put it on the kitchen floor, it was immediately occupied by dinosaurs, animals, and cars. The “roots” were declared mountains and befitted with their new residents. Wrinkles gathered on my forehead when I saw that instead of the kids walking on the new “miracle”, they sat absorbed in their play for hours. But since the rug is portable, over the next few days I found it in unexpected places as well, depending on where the mountains were needed at the time. But everything has its own time; the kids…

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Kate Simkova, MD

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I decided on the RootyRUG after a while, when I tried to walk barefoot or in minimalist shoes (thanks to the enlightenment of Janka Tóthová). I realized that due to the predominantly flat surfaces that surround us, it wasn’t enough… I felt the hard and flat terrain as annoying and tiring for my legs, joints, and spine. I placed it in the corridor, where we pass through most frequently and where the children have their “running track”, chasing each other from one end of the apartment to another. The rug is strong and has a rough surface. I chose the…

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Interview with physiotherapist

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PhDr. Ludmila Brůhová leads the Regeneration and Rehabilitation Centre in Borovany focused on the complex prevention, diagnostics and treatment of all problems of the movement system – pains in the back, joints and muscles, functional and degenerative diseases, post-traumatic and postoperative states. Her centre is also a clinical department of the Faculty of Health and Social Studies of the University of South Bohemia for students of physiotherapy. The numerous team consists of physiotherapists focusing on the care of patients at the age of children including infants, further of specialists dealing with post-traumatic states of the movement apparatus and also of…

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My take on the RootyRUG

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I came across the RootyRUG by chance while surfing the Internet. Chance probably isn’t the right word, though. I was actually headed in the other direction. Why? Feet are an important part of my practice, my physical therapy work, and my perception of the body as a whole. The foot is a masterpiece 🙂 Strong and healthy feet are one of the critical components of overall good health. And if we’re willing to perceive, they can provide us with a lot of information, perceptions and feelings. I remember the first time I really saw important they are when I was…

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Synapse – a highway of information in every child

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Synapse – a result of external stimuli When a child is born, his brain contains about 100 billion neurons. This number is stable and genetically determined. Immediately after birth, the neurons begin to connect and create the synapses. Each neuron can generate thousands of synapses and their number can be influenced by external stimulation. The more synapses, the better, and the easiest and fastest time that they form is in the first three years of life. After the sixth year of life, the synapses are already more difficult and slower to form. This is evidenced by the growth of the…

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Unstable ankles may begin in the soles of the feet

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Do you suffer from frequent ankle sprains, and your physiotherapist has suggested you use balancing equipment to strengthen the muscles in your ankle and to stimulate proprioception? It’s probably not enough, though. One of the keys to preventing instability in this part of the body is actually the periodic stimulation of the receptors in the soles. A study from 2012 concluded that people who suffer from chronic instability of the ankle joint also tend to have a delayed response of the receptors in the skin of the feet which perceive movement, relief, and light touch. Walking along foam and soft…

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Ahoj všichni!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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