RootyRUG and the Human Body

RootyRUG has been designed to bring variety into your home. That's the key to ensuring that our feet remain watchful and are better able to deal with the strains of each step.

Feet, Brain and Unevenness

Feet regain their sensitivity and are more able to inform the central nervous system about the position and nature of the surface. The variety of the surface forces us to engage different muscles in different positions, thus developing coordination. If a person regularly subjects his feet to unevenness that stimulates not only the feet but also the blood circulation, this leads to a positive change and a decrease blood pressure. Orthopedists and pediatricians have long recommended walking on uneven ground as a basic way to prevent acquiring flatfoot. And that’s not all – walking on uneven surfaces trains the vestibular system of the inner ear, thus improving the balance of the body.

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