In the modern world, we have forgotten to run barefoot. We have forgotten how healthy and pleasant walking on the natural surface is. It affects the legs, back and whole body.
RootyRUG design “orthopedic” rugs bring back memories when we run in the forest and naturally open the way for today’s children and their parents to use their own bodies properly.

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It is particularly helpful where children suffer from weakened foot muscles and need to exercise without being aware that is what they are doing!

Kate Harrington, HAPPY LITTLE SOLES (UK)


My take on the RootyRUG
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I came across the RootyRUG by chance while surfing the Internet. Chance probably isn’t the right word, though. I was actually headed in the other direction. Why? Feet are an important part of my practice, my physical therapy work, and my perception of the body as a whole. The foot is a masterpiece 🙂 Strong…

Synapse – a highway of information in every child
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Synapse – a result of external stimuli When a child is born, his brain contains about 100 billion neurons. This number is stable and genetically determined. Immediately after birth, the neurons begin to connect and create the synapses. Each neuron can generate thousands of synapses and their number can be influenced by external stimulation. The…

Unstable ankles may begin in the soles of the feet
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Do you suffer from frequent ankle sprains, and your physiotherapist has suggested you use balancing equipment to strengthen the muscles in your ankle and to stimulate proprioception? It’s probably not enough, though. One of the keys to preventing instability in this part of the body is actually the periodic stimulation of the receptors in the…

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