RootyRUG Yin Yang – Water


The ancient Chinese symbol of harmony reminds us that life is a balancing act and most fulfilling when we learn to embrace its dualities – the ups and downs, good times and bad, joys and challenges.

Few facts about the RootyRUG Yin Yang:

  • universal, yet versatile – use it together or divide it into 2 pieces
  • as one piece it is ideal in a most frequently walked areas
  • divided it is ideal in the places where you stand more, e.g. kitchen
  • second largest RootyRUG


How does it work?

The RootyRUG has raised elements, formed by irregularly arranged “roots”. These simulate a forest floor when your child walks on them. The touch receptors in the soles of the feet activate muscles that are inactive when walking on a flat floor – and the entire foot becomes stronger without any need for deliberate exercise.

 About the RootyRUG

A long lasting, sustainable senzomotoric carpet made of 90% recycled materials is the ONE bumpy carpet that:

  • does not add to the plastic clutter,
  • can stay in the house for a long time and will also serve as a designer piece,
  • brings the feel of nature into your home,
  • will be used by the whole family, not only the child,
  • is pet-friendly,
  • will allow you to work on the health of your feet everyday,
  • is hand-made by a barefoot loving family from the Czech Republic.

Dimensions: 2in1: 110 x 84 cm, single piece: 60 x 86 cm

Surface material: polypropylene

Maximum load: 120 kg (walking adult)


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