Unstable ankles may begin in the soles of the feet

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Do you suffer from frequent ankle sprains, and your physiotherapist has suggested you use balancing equipment to strengthen the muscles in your ankle and to stimulate proprioception? It’s probably not enough, though.

One of the keys to preventing instability in this part of the body is actually the periodic stimulation of the receptors in the soles. A study from 2012 concluded that people who suffer from chronic instability of the ankle joint also tend to have a delayed response of the receptors in the skin of the feet which perceive movement, relief, and light touch. Walking along foam and soft aids is not enough to activate sensation. These receptors also play a role in posture. Walking barefoot on harder uneven and rougher surfaces in nature, or on the RootyRUG, for example, can help keep these receptors active and prevent stability disorders.


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