In the modern world, we have forgotten to run barefoot. We have forgotten how healthy and pleasant walking on the natural surface is. It affects the legs, back and whole body.
RootyRUG design “orthopedic” rugs bring back memories when we run in the forest and naturally open the way for today’s children and their parents to use their own bodies properly.

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It is particularly helpful where children suffer from weakened foot muscles and need to exercise without being aware that is what they are doing!

Kate Harrington, HAPPY LITTLE SOLES (UK)


Jitka, Czech Republic
800 600 ROOTY - Family Team

We bought the Rooty almost six months ago. After it arrived, our initial fears and insecurities of how it would look, and whether or not we hadn’t perhaps bought a white elephant and got sucked into some advertising trick that focused on “the most valuable thing”, our health, soon disappeared. I have to admit, we…

Kate, Happy Little Soles (UK)
799 533 ROOTY - Family Team

We received a lovely blue Elephant Rooty Rug to try out earlier this summer to the great excitement of my little girl.  As a committed barefoot family and a yoga practitioner I am always keen to try anything that helps with our foot health. The Rooty aims to keep feet active and to bring the…

Dr. Christian Larsen – leader in modern physiotherapy tests our RootyRUG
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Friday September 23 was a turning point for us and was a tremendous motivation for our work. We had the luck of a short encounter with Dr. Christian Larsen, a respected leader in modern physiotherapy. If you haven’t heard of Dr. Larsen, allow us a few words of introduction. Christian Larsen is a Swiss doctor…

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