Once upon a time we became parents.
Day after day, we cared for our baby as good as possible.

Although we tried a lot, we noticed that his toes were not quite right.

That is why we began to pay more attention to his feet. We found that they were weakened due to using shoes most of the day, and walking on flat floors at home. Therefore we let him walk barefoot in our garden.

Because it is not possible to walk outdoors barefoot every day, the rough and uneven surface (from the garden) we have taken into our home.
We made a rough and uneven carpet on which he could practice his feet at home everyday. Slowly his feet became stronger, and the problem with his fingers was gradually lost.

Finally, we found out that we were not alone, most of the time shod and walking on flat floors.
That a lot of other children have weakened feet and the rough and uneven carpet, the RootyRUG can exercise and strengthen their feet every day at home. Just like our’s son.